About the resort


Sts. Constantine and Helena Monastery
According to the legends the monastery was built in the XIV - XVI century. A group of monks fleeing away from the Turkish raids found shelter in the forests (modern resort complex St. St. Constantine and Helena). They discovered an icon of Sts. Constantine and Helena there and they decided to build a monastery near a spring the waters of which they knew were healing. The structure of the monastery built of heavy stone blocks is preserved even today in excellent condition. Since its erection up to present time the monastery has been reconstructed three times - last in 1973. Even today the glory of the magical waters of the spring continues to be spread around the world. The healing water is now being used for baptism, blessings and divine services. Guests of the Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort may visit and light a candle in the Holy cloister of the church in the monastery, which is interesting not only from architectural but also from ethnographic point of view. The monastery belongs to the Varna Bishopric.
Euxinograd Residence
The palace was built as a summer residence of Duke Alexander I Batenberg. It was named Sandrovo in 1885 after the Italian diminutive of Alexander's name - Sandro. Later, the Bulgarian state bought the palace for 1,400,000 gold leva and awarded it to King Ferdinand. Under his reign this paradise place raised up to its real glory.  The palace was renamed Euxinograd (from Greek Euxeinos Pontos, "hospitable sea") in 1893 on the insistence of Duchess Marie Louise, Ferdinand's first wife. 
The total area of the Euxinograd Residence is 800 decare, as the park occupies 550 of them. Its arrangement began in 1890 and took several decades. The park is home to over 310 plant varieties from Asia, South America, North Africa and Southern France, said to be picked out by Ferdinand himself. The park is a combination of English and French styles and was finished by Édouard André.
The visitors' curiosity is provoked by the royal stable, called Shtala (from German Stall), as well as the pediment of the right-hand wing from the French Château de Saint-Cloud, which Ferdinand bought in 1890.
The sundial, a gift from Queen Victoria, is another object of interest.
The palace's wine cellar was created in 1891 for the needs of the Bulgarian royal family and takes up two underground floors. It still produces high-quality white wine - 12 varieties and brandy - 7 varieties, the most wanted of them is euxignac. The wine produced in the palace nowadays is thought of as one of the best in Bulgaria. The Euxinograd cellar also preserves valuable 125-year-old French wines since the Liberation of Bulgaria.

A unique attraction of diving in the waters of the Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort
Unique World diving attraction lies in the region of Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort - a 50-foot jet TU 154, which for 20 years has served the Bulgarian government.
The plane is 700 meters from the marina  Sts. Constantine and Helena resort as of the Azalia Hotel & SPA. It is oriented east-west, at a depth of 22 meters below sea level. Secured with four permanent anchors and a surface buoy blue - indicating the nose and tail.
Access is free for all certified divers.
40-year-TU 154 was produced in 1971 in Russia, especially for government plane. Subsequently it was redeveloped as commercial and last flew on 16 September 1991 on the route Sofia - Varna.
The plane has set a record for the model with a 7-hour continuous flight hours which is more than the maximum. Among the prominent passengers traveled on board, U.S. President Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro, Mikhail Gorbachev and others.
Dipping operation ended on 25 May 2011, it took three hours and four years of preparation. So far plane that size is not submerged anywhere in the world. The idea for this unique attraction is diving association "Black Sea Dive Odessos" chaired by Orlin Tsanev.
The main partner of the event is the national carrier "Bulgaria Air" which gave the plain free. Action is supported by the Municipality of Varna.
Coordinates of the TU 154 underwater:
43 ° 13'404 N
028 ° 01'464 E