Medical SPA


Azalia Hotel Balneo & SPA has outdoor swimming pools and one children pools with а mineral water. There is two water slides at the outdoor pools.
The Jacuzzi pool is the perfect place to relax before or after a spa treatment. It is a perfect combination of  the incredible pleasure provided by the  hydromassage and the healing of the mineral water.

Pools at Azalia Hotel Balneo & SPA
I. Indoor pool with mineral water
Length: 24.00 m
Width: 6.50 m - 9.00 m
Depth: 0.90 m - 1.30 m
Volume: 173 m3
Water area: 177 m2
II. Оutdoor pools with mineral water
Children's pool (Small)
Diameter: 3.50 m
Depth: 0.40 m
Volume: 4 m3
Water area: 10.00 m2
Children's pool (Medium)
Diameter: 5.50 m
Depth: 0.60 m
Volume: 10 m3
Water area: 18 m2
Pool with waterslides
Length: 12.00 m
Width: 12.00 m
Depth: 0.90 m
Volume: 130 m3
Water area: 144 m2
Swimming pool with lanes
Length: 25.00 m
Width: 10.00 m
Depth: 1.40 m - 1.60 m
Volume: 375 m3
Water area: 250 m2
Swimming pool
Length: 9.00 m
Width: 8.00 m
Depth: 1.30 m
Volume: 94 m3
Water area: 72 m2
Water polo pool
Length: 15.00 m
Width: 15.00 m
Depth: 1.30 m
Volume: 293 m3
Water area: 225 m2
Volume of all outdoor pools - 906 m3
Water area of all outdoor pools - 720.00 m2