Medical SPA


Original Bulgarian SPA ceremonies

Bulgarian Aroma Therapy with essential oils  - 50 min.  48.00 BGN
Very special therapy for body and soul made with aromatic candles for relaxation, harmony and balance for all your feeling. The Bulgarian aromatic herbs give the body the necessarity of relax and calmness.
Rejuvenating face and body therapy Bulgarian Yoghurt - 60 min.  70.00 BGN
Deep hydrating therapy for face and body with rejuvenating and anti-aging effect of Bulgarian yoghurt extract. The treatment includes face exfoliation and face mask and body peeling and body massage.
SPA ritual Honey and Milk with warm herbal peeling and a massage   - 70 min.  75.00 BGN
with handmade tile clay

Cleaning and detoxing therapy for shiny skin with warm herbal peeling and a body massage with warm handmade tile clay, honey and milk, finished with a milk-honey body wrapping.
SPA Ritual Rose blossom & bouquet of essential oils - 60 min.  65.00 BGN
In this special ritual is included the feet massage and relaxing body treatment with the unique Bulgarian aroma rose oil extract and honey gel. The ritual finished with the rose oil mask and Rose Damascena extract.
SPA ritual with Bulgarian Yoghurt with body wrapping - 60 min.  65.00 BGN
The body treatment with Bulgarian Yoghurt extract is for revitalizing, regenerating and rejuvenating to your skin type. The ritual finished with a Bulgarian Yoghurt body mask.


Relaxing Therapies
Hot Stone - 80 min  90.00 BGN
Music for body and soul, fragrances, air and energy, combined in this blessing therapy with volcanic stones. Relaxing massage, calming music, candle lights and your beloved ether oil would  immerse you into the magic world of emotions and felicity.
Sabai - 80 min  90.00 BGN
Sabai means “health” for ancient eastern nations. A magic therapy, combining healing features of minerals and granite stones and ether oils. You will relax in happiness, while the therapist treats every point of your body.
Cellular Therapy for Whole Body Young Forever - 90 min   95.00 BGN
The relaxing treatment for body begings with a whirlpool bath, continues with gentle exfoliation of the entire body and in the end is a relaxing complete massage with cellular hydratating snd anti-agеing cream. 
Аyurveda-Shirodara - 80 min  90.00 BGN
Ayurveda, “a science about life”, is an Indian holistic science, studying the natural healing features of  Nature. It is thought to be the oldest healing therapy (more than 5000 years), which is still practiced nowadays. Shirodara, “the third-eye massage”. It is thought to be one of the most popular Ayurveda procedures. It begins with the popular Indian head and facial massage “shirobianga”, and then the therapy continues with total treatment of the body, point by point, and so on up to the toes. The therapy finishes with a even jet of sesame oil, directed to forehead, that would release brain strain and provide spirit comfort. The even rhythm of the jet has regenerating effect to the senses of the human body.
Bally Massage
Therapy from the island of gods - Bally! Classical therapy, that makes Bally a center of holistic medicine. By carefully gathered flowers, herbs and roots from the ancient fields of the island, this therapy, performed with soft and tender tampons and aromatic oils, would take you to unseen recesses of the Earth.
Whole body - 60 min 65.00 BGN
Face and Neckline - 30 min 45.00 BGN
Tibetan Мagic “Azalia” 60 min  70.00 BGN
This special healing massage with Aromaoil of the flower Azalia, starting with reflex massage with small Bamboo Sticks, continuing with oriental 
massage techniques for whole body and in the end is head massage. Your entire body will be revitalized and full of energy.
Honey Therapy - 60 min  70.00 BGN
Immerse into a therapy, which showers the skin with vitamins, minerals and nourishing substances. Splendid peeling with salts from the Dead Sea renovates the skin cuticle, to finish with a total massage with a bouquet of several kinds of cosmetic aromatic honey, presenting the body with 
everything it lacks. Clears away the toxins and makes the skin smooth, nourished and shiny.
Chocolate Therapy - 60 min 70.00 BGN
This therapy can be consumed even by those, keeping a diet .Why do we place chocolate onto the body, but not into it? This extremely spoiling therapy stimulates in fact the detachment of endorphins within the brain, and that makes you not just to radiate love, but receive love as well. This therapy charges your body with vitamins and minerals, tones and makes the skin silky and smooth.
Bamboo Therapy - 60 min 80.00 BGN
Еxotic therapy, which through specific massage techniques, performed with bamboo, improves the blood circulation, strengthens lymph and helps the fat removal.
Аnti-Stress Therapy for the Entire Body with Aromatic Lava - 70 min. 70.00 BGN
Мask for the entire body with aromatic mud, rich in minerals, enzymes, phytohormones, vitamins and ether oils, that is effective in healing muscle and joints pans, and sport injuries. This mask is effective for headaches and recovering from stress. The therapy includes partial relaxing massage.
Anti-Stress Therapy for the Back with Aromatic Lava - 45 min 45.00 BGN
Just relax and enjoy the magic effect of the aromatic lava, which will make you forget about any pain of your back. The therapy includes a partial relaxing massage. 
Toning Therapy - 60 min 70.00 BGN
A combination of a bath with entire body massage takes away the stress out of your body and charges it with energy for the next day.
Recovery Therapy - 70 min 70.00 BGN
This therapy includes tender exfoliation, followed by aroma bath and ending with relaxing massage of the entire body.
Anti-ageing Therapy - 60 min 70.00 BGN
Peeling with Dead Sea salts, removing dead cells and toxins from your body, which makes the skin satin soft and the massage with yoghurt 
hydrates providing the necessary biologically active ingredients.
Anti-ageing Therapy with Bulgarian Rose - 80 min 85.00 BGN
The therapy begins with a calming bath with bulgarian rose oil, continues with gentle exfoliation of the entire body and nourishing mask. After the cleansing and hydration of the skin follows a relaxing complete massage wit natural bulgarian rose oil
Whole Body Peeling - 20 min   30.00 BGN
We begin with a steam bath, followed by exfoliation of the entire body by salts from the Dead Sea, which helps the regeneration of cells and makes your skin smooth and shiny.
Tropical Wealth Peeling - 30 min   49.00 BGN
Tender exfoliation of the whole body with a touch of exotic fruits, giving you awesome cocktail of aroma lava and pineapple!
Hydro Marine peeling whole body  - 40 min   49.00 BGN 
Deep, invigorating exfoliation of the skin, increasing the flow of oxygen. Combination of sea salts and exclusive moisturizing marine complex which counteracts the drying properties of the salt. Finally, your body is massaged with vitamin c-plus body lotion, which has antioxidant and invigorating action.

Heavy and Tired Legs   -  40 min   49.00 BGN
A pleasure for your tired and leaden legs. Silky peeling, cooling mask (gel) with seaweeds and relaxing lymph drainage. You would feel your legs in an absolutely different way - as if you walk over cotton.
Tropic Escape – Papaya and Pineapple  -  70 min   95.00 BGN
Creates a feeling of unbelievable sensitivity and bliss, flavored with tropical fruits for optimal relaxation. A mask rich of 
vitamins, minerals and sea collagen, charging your body with energy and vitality. The anti aging effect makes your skin tonic and shine.

Detox Aloe Vera Body Active Therapy  -  40 min  79.00 BGN
Detox therapy is recommended after prolonged exposure to sun, irritated, sun-damaged skin. Effect of therapy: it cools, hydrates, soothes the skin


Anticellulite Therapies
Rice Therapy -  70 min 80.00 BGN
Тhis therapy has the features of improving the skin elasticity and as well as the creation of collagen and ellastin in the skin, thus the explanation of its anticellulite effect. The lovely scent and hydration are felicity for your senses.
Body Mаsk with 20% Caffeine - 70 min 80.00 BGN
Маsk of the entire body with green coffee. A perfect way of correcting your weight and eliminating of cellulite forms.
Body Mаsk with Green Coffee and Ampoule of Concentrate - 70 min 90.00 BGN
Mаsk for problematic zones of the body with rich content of green coffee extract.
Аntitoxic complex with the quality of stimulating detoxication. Diuretic and oil decomposing effect. This therapy shapes and constructs the silhouette. It ends with an anticellulite massage.
Аnticellulite Therapy with Concentrate of Ghuarana - 70 min 90.00 BGN
Body mask with aroma: mud rich in minerals, enzymes, phytohormones, vitamins and ether oils, effective for curing of muscle pains, joints and sport injuries. By adding an ampoule of concentrate of Ghuarana, rich in caffeine and strong anticellulite effect, you will combine the pleasure with efficiency! That therapy encludes anticellulite massage.
Тhallasso Therapy with Micronized Seaweeds - 70 min 80.00 BGN
This perfect combination of sea, organic and mineral substances will discharge the piled toxins in the organism. Seaweeds recreate missing minerals. The mask tightens tissues, improves elasticity and stimulates better generation of collagen and ellastin in the skin. This therapy eliminates fats and cellulite formations. Stimulates cell regeneration and involves anticellulite massage as a final treatment.
Whole Body Mask with Sauna Effect - 60 min 120.00 BGN 
Mask for problematic areas of the body rich in white clay softens skin, papaya enzyme - a gentle exfoliant effect and glycerin that moisturizes and hydrates. This therapy sculpts and tightens the silhouette. Ends with anti-cellulite body massage. 
Slimming Body Mask -  90 min 140.00 BGN
Slim body mask is a combination of plants and spices designed to create a fine feeling of comfortable warmth in the overloaded areas of the body. This heating stimulates blood circulation, drains tissues, reduces “orange skin” and cellulite, tightens the body. It Contains active ingredients such as ginger and pepper, caffeine, grapefruit
Dеrmosonic Combined with Ultrasound - 30 min 30.00 BGN
The most modern and effective method, alternative toliposucktion and is an obligatory supplement to them. The controlled negative pressure (vacuum) massages the tissues from inside to the outside, thus providing a real lymph drainage, which function is to strengthen the blood vessels, destroy fat accumulations, reshape the body, and exfoliate skin and improve its elasticity. Ultrasound helps to destruct the fibrous sediments and cellulite slags, enlarges the blood influx and warms up the tissues. Enhances adsorbing the anticellulite gels applied during the so called ultra iontophoresis.
Pressor-Therapy  -  20 min    25.00 BGN
Suitable for women having effluent and hard cellulite, circulation problems, varicose veins. It is based on controlled pressure via  air pressure applied on the tissues. According to the program chosen and deepness of effect, an exclusively effective lymph drainage of the cellulite fluids is achieved, which has controlled surface effect or a deep vein flow-out and tissue relief.
Аnti-Cellulite Massage  - 20 min   35.00 BGN
Vigorous effect on hypodermic cellulite depots and muscles would provide very good blood circulation and drainage, would improve skin 
nourishment and absorption of anticellulite  creams and oils, producing ellastin and collagen. The tissues will tone and tighten. We recommend you to make minimum 7 procedures every other day in combination with other anticellulite therapies, and you are going to enjoy beautiful and slender hips and tight figure.
Ionithermie Detox Legs                            45 min  109.00 BGN 
Ionithermie Detox Waistline                     45 min  109.00 BGN 
Ionithermie Detox Bust and Hands          45 min  109.00 BGN 

Hydrotherapy with Micronized Seaweeds - 20 min. 40.00 BGN
Hydromassage bath with micronized seaweed, rich in mineral salts which not only feed up and energize the skin but also have a tightening and weight loosing effect.
Pearl Bath - 20 min. 25.00 BGN
Using the thermal effect and the salt content of the mineral water the pearl bath touches the whole body. The relaxing and revitalizing effect 
is achieved by the pearl bubbles touching skin’s receptors.
Whirlpool Bath - 20 min. 25.00 BGN
The whirlpool bath combines the aroma effect of the water streams, aimed at body’s reflection zones with the healthy influence of the minerals rich water. The toning effect is guaranteed.
Combined Bath  - 20 min.  30.00 BGN
This procedure combines the relaxing and the revitalizing effect of the mineral water with the aroma-therapeutical effect of sea salts and herbal flavors.
Таngentor / Underwater Massage - 20 min. 35.00 BGN

A bath with warm sea water. This procedure has an extraordinary relaxing and recovering effect. The gentle water jets massage your body and supply it with vital minerals and microelements. It could be applied with oils, micronized sea weeds and herbs.

Mud Treatment
Mud treatment is a medical method applied since ancient times. It involves both the thermal factor of warmed mud, and the contained in it mineral salts and microelements, plus biologically active substances.  Mud treatment is used for a broad spectrum of diseases: of the locomotory system, nervous system, cardiac system.
Partial mud treatment/limb - 20 min. 25.00 BGN
Entire mud treatment  - 30 min. 40.00 BGN
Type “pants” - 20 min. 30.00 BGN
Physician’s consultation for appointment of procedures 20.00 BGN
Taking of blood pressure 10.00 BGN
Electrotreatment 15.00 BGN
Ultrasound 15.00 BGN
Vacuum massage by apparatus 12.00 BGN
Anticellulite vacuum and electrotreatment 12.00 BGN