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Thermal water

Expert Balneology Evaluation of mineral water from "drilling №R-2x", Northeast Bulgaria District - Varna Region, Dobrich Region and Shumen Region located in the Eastern part of St. St. Constantin and Elena Resort, Varna
Mineral water from "drilling №R-2x", Northeast Bulgaria District - Varna region, Dobrich region and Shumen region located in the Eastern part of St. St. Constantin and Elena Resort /next to the beach area/ is characterized as hyper thermal, mineralized with total mineralization 596 mg/l, hydrocarbonate sodium-calcium-magnesium water without sanitary - chemical and microbiological signs of contamination, according to Protocol №212 from 15.08.2016 of Specialized laboratory for analysis of mineral water to the National Specialized Hospital for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation /NHPTR/ in Sofia and Protocol №LIK-P 1950 from 27.07.2016 in Regional Health Inspectorate /RHI/ Varna.
Indicators of microbiological study /Protocol №LIK-P 1950 from 01.08.2016 in RHI Varna/ are within the range of the standards of mineral waters. According to Control Protocols of water radiological indicators № W 435a and № W 435b from 24.11.2016 of the Authority Control of type A in National Center for Radiobiology and Radiation Protection /NCRRP/, radiological indicators comply with the requirements set out in Ordinance №14 of resort resources, resort areas and resorts (State Gazette issue.79/1987, lastest amendment issue 70/2004).
Healing and prophylactic properties of mineral water from "drilling №R-83h" is determined by its mineralization and the presence of hydro, calcium, sodium and magnesium ions and on the presence of the metasilicic acid in colloidal state.

The thermal water used in Azalia Medical SPA center is beneficial for: 
(based on the physical and chemical analysis and performed studies with similar mineral waters)
External balneotherapy and balneoprevention the following diseases:
  • locomotory (degenerative and inflammatory (in remission) rheumatic diseases - arthritis, spondylitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, etc.);
  • peripheral nervous system (disc hernia, radiculitis, plexitis, etc.);
  • orthopedic and traumatological (for movement in post-traumatic and postoperative states);
  • skin (chronic non-specific dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, etc.);
  • gynecological (chronic nonspecific adnexitis, etc.).
CONTRAINDICATIONS for external balneotherapy treatment:
  • Specific diseases
  • Oncology
  • Infectious diseases
  • Diseases in the acute stage and uncompensated function of organs and systems
  • Hibbs - rhythm disorders
  • Epilepsy
Mineral water can be used for hygiene and sports-recreational purposes after appropriate tempering.

Composition of  mineral water:
Fluorine (F) mg/l 0,43
Chlorides (Cl) mg/l 64,41
Sulphates (SO4) mg/l 36,21
Carbonates (CO4) mg/l < 6,00
Hydrogen carbonates (HCO3) mg/l 328,48
Nitrates (NO3) mg/l
< 1,00
Nitrous Oxide (NO2) mg/l < 0,05
Ammonium (Nh4) mg/l < 0,05
Lithium (Li) mg/l < 0,05
Natrium (Na) mg/l 49,24
Kalium (K) mg/l 5,49
Calcium (Ca) mg/l 53,11
Magnesium (Mg) mg/l 32,83
Feratum (Fe) mg/l 0,05
Мanganese (Mn) mg/l 0,01
Аluminium mg/l 0,07
Аrsenic mg/l < 0,010
Аntimony mg/l < 0,005
Cadmium mg/l < 0,005
Chromium mg/l < 0,005
Cuprum mg/l < 0,050
Stannum mg/l < 0,005
Selenium mg/l < 0,010
Selenium mg/l < 0,010
Zinc mg/l 0,067
Barium mg/l 0,084
Boron mg/l 0,233
Total Mineralization mg/l 596
pH mg/l 7,79
Conductance µS/cm 694
Solids  by 180 C mg/l 386
Metasilicic acid mg/l 25,55
Hydrogen sulfate mg/l < 0,05

Balneology Evaluation of the mineral water by the Ministry of Health in Bulgaria