The Bay has been inspired by the sea and the sun!

The Bay  has been inspired by the sea and the sun. You will find it in the serenity of the small bay in the Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort. On the very shoreline – awaiting the sunrise and seeing off the sunset. It will fascinate you! Accessible by land and water – a valet will assist to park in front, and in the water there is a pontoon for jets and yacht quay. Choose a taxi or jet-taxi. Stay also for lunch and dinner too – the oriental BBQ is fired up early, and the flavours come from the most delicious meals of the Mediterranean cuisine. Fish is fresh, seafood is abundant, and wine is definitely the right one! Accept it that a cocktail in your hand suits you, and the thickness of the shadow is of your choosing. The coolness of the stone booths, the coziness of the lounge bar and the picturesque beach won’t let you go or sail away! You only need to see how the sky kisses the sea! This is the bay. The Bay!  
The Bay
reservations: +359 88 700 3003
jet-taxi: +359 88 950 6898
St. St. Constantine and Helena Resort
The Bay - fish & bbq 12:00 - 00:00
The Bay - bar & beach 08:00 - 02:00