Special offers


The package price includes:
  • Therapies and treatments at Aquahouse Thermal & Beach
  • Comfortable daily shuttle to and from Aquahouse Termal & Beach from 09:00 am to 12:00 am and from 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm (a pre-order is required)

Two days program for one person: 102 BGN
1st day: 
  • Manaru - scent from the southern seas - peeling and body massage
  • Face massage - flash therapy DECLEOR
2nd day: 
  • Therapeutic bath with herbs
  • Post-Sun Therapy with Aloe Body Vapor Dr.Spiller
Two-day program for two: 375 BGN
1st day
  • Peeling and foamed whole body massage in a hammam - tub bath 
  • Biolift of face
2nd day
  • Rahima therapy - hydration coming from Africa - bath with milk and massage with argan oil
  • Gold Mask for Her / Mask for Men for Him-20min. / 20lv Price for two 
Three day program: 219 BGN
1st  day: 
  • Magic - summer Brazilian breeze - peeling and body massage 
  • Diamond microdermabrasion and face mask 
2nd day:
  • Body modeling therapy - sculpting therapy with clay self-heating mask and vacuum massage 
  • Lymph massage - presotherapy of hips and thighs
3rd day:
  • Bath Cleopatra with milk and honey 
  • Face mask and body with algae 
Five day program
Option 1: 270 BGN
1st day: Mild application-whole body Classic body massage
2nd day: Mild application-whole body Tangentor /underwater massage/
3rd day: Soft application-whole body Classic body massage
4th day: Mud application-whole body Tangentor /underwater massage/
5th day: Mud application-whole body Classic body massage
Option 2: 307 BGN
1st day: Detox therapy Hydro Marin body scrub and mask with mud
2nd day: Algae-whole body mask
3rd day: Algae bath Thai massage - Thai massage on a mat
4th day: Sultan massage - spa ritual in hammam with peeling, foam massage and mask with green clay for face and body, finishing hair ritual
5th day: Algae-whole body mask Apparate Lymph Massage - Pressotherapy for Thighs and Hips

*The prices do not include hotel accommodation
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Direct contacts available are:
General Manager - Juliana Vasileva: T +359 52 358 999
Front Office Manager-Ivan Ivanov: T +359 52 358 777, F +359 52 358 808